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Our pet funeral home and crematory in Ontario, NY is the headquarters for our national franchise, Pet Passages. Mike Harris, founder, president and CEO of Pet Passages, has decided to locate his company’s headquarters, corporate offices, warehouse, distribution center, national training facility and local pet funeral home and crematory in Ontario, New York as this is the area where his passion and dream began.  As a caring member of his community, this allows him to focus on his growing business while being able to raise his children in the home they’ve grown in and at the same time, improve his local economy.

Following in the footsteps of my father and grandfather, I, Mike Harris, am a third-generation licensed funeral director. I worked as such in my family’s funeral home since 1993. In November of 2016, I decided to step away from the human side of my profession to focus exclusively on pet cremation and funeral services, where my true passion lies.

In the late spring of 2008, within a short two months, I lost my two best friends and family members, Rottweilers Luke (purple) and Hannah (red). Devastated by the deaths of my loving companions, I wanted to give my deceased pets the same love and respect in death as I gave them in life, just as it would be for any one of my human family members.

As I researched and learned the options available to me in the pet funeral and cremation profession, I was extremely disheartened by the unprofessional treatment, lack of dignity and care beloved pets received upon their passing. Everywhere I looked I found the same unfortunate mistreatment.

Having been given the gift of unconditional love, lessons in responsibility and true friendship, I knew that God gave me these dogs for a bigger purpose.

My loss then became my dream and dedication. Given my education, training, experience and family heritage, I knew it was my responsibility to improve the quality of end of life pet care. I set out to gather as much information and learn as much as I could. In 2009, Pets at Peace by Harris Funeral Home was created.

With the instant success of the new pet funeral home and crematory, I realized that with my business model, training and experience, I could help pet parents all over the country. In August of 2011, I created Pet Passages®, a company that has truly set the highest possible standard of dignified, quality care for the pet funeral and cremation profession. My love for animals, dedication to compassionate care and professionalism, combined with the latest technology and training has made Pet Passages® the absolute best providers of pet funeral and cremation services.

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