You are heaven sent Pet Passages

From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to express our gratitude to Pet Passages for helping us last week during our beloved cat of 19 years Gandalph’s passing. We called at exactly 9AM that Wednesday and spoke with Leah & told her that our cat passed away that Tuesday night. She immediately said “I’m so sorry” and we can feel her sympathy. We took Gandalph in at around 9:30AM, it was difficult to say goodbye to Gandalph but Pet Passages made it a bit easier to bear the sorrow that we are feeling. We are thankful and appreciative of everything Pet Passages did for Gandalph and for us, the “bereaved family” from cremation process & online update, picking out the perfect urn & keepsakes, allowing us to write a pet tale (like an obituary) in Pet Passages secure page, Gandalph’s paw & nose print, card of sympathy/condolence, tips in handling grief and many more. We can’t thank you enough. You are heaven sent Pet Passages. We thank God for you. We feel lucky to have one in Rochester. God bless you & in everything you do for pets & pet parents/families.