When my beloved Husky Nuki passed unexpectedly I was not exactly sure who to turn to so I went online to see what my options were….Pet Passages was the third service I located and as soon as I read what other pet parents had to say I knew I did not have to look any further….Leah made the whole process very easy and dignified for my boy…she understood that he was more then just a Husky he was my furkid, and a significant part of our family…many don’t understand the devastation of loosing a significant part of our lives like this but I never doubted her sincerity! Nuki is home now in his place of honor beside his brother but I feel like the relationship with Pet Passages did not end when my boys ashes were returned to me…their services are much more and are helping me come to terms with the loss I have experienced….Thank you for providing such a caring and essential service! You are incredible!