Dear Pet Passages, I am writing to express my gratitude to Mike Harris for his profoundly courteous, gentle, honorably transparent, and culturally responsive pet cremation service. In my ancestral culture, bearing witness to a cremation from start to finish is part of the family’s duty to the dead loved one. It was crucial to my mother’s peace of mind and by extension to all of us that we be able to say our final farewell to our dog with cremation services including several factors: private/individual cremation of our dog; our dog undergoing cremation while wearing 100% cotton funeral garments sewn by my mother; start-to-finish witnessing of cremation and ash processing; and guaranteed same-day pick-up of ashes. Pet Passages was the only business that was willing to accommodate all these factors. (E.g. Some businesses claimed to permit witnessing, but then upon further questioning it became clear that their definition of “witnessing” was opaque and that they would only let owners watch a pet’s body being placed into a cremation machine but nothing else. Some businesses said that they would start the cremation machine at the time of appointment but said guaranteeing same-day ash pick-up was impossible and that they still required a 72-hour window for processing and ash pick-up. Some businesses refused to cremate pets wearing garments even if the garments were made of natural fibers.) To my surprise, Pet Passages also priced its services more affordably than other businesses that refused to accommodate the factors we were seeking. Moreover, Mike was consistently gentle and transparent during each moment of interaction, from while I was asking him questions over the phone, to while my family and I were on site at his business and he was kindly explaining every step that he was taking with our pet’s remains. Mike’s staff were also very kind. I am deeply grateful to Mike and his staff at Pet Passages for making this difficult farewell as easy as possible. I am already recommending his business to friends who are bracing themselves to say final goodbyes to their own pets. In gratitude, Minnie