Respect & Dignity is what they say & it is what was delivered……top notch!!!!!

Our Buddy Peanut had saved me thru the passing of my mom & my wife so he was not going to be treated like a skunk in the road.

I was blessed with the fact his long time vet had just started working for Doorbell vet so he was able to stay in his home and on his bed when he went to the bridge.
My vet recommended Pet Passages and we called and were not disappointed. Peanut was treated as a true
member of the family in every respect and they followed the process as they stated they would and we now have our Buddy back home with a place of honor. If you truly love your pet I would strongly suggest using Doorbell vet and Pet Passages so they don’t have to pass alone or in a cold sanitized surrounding……they deserved the Best in Life and also in death.