I have never known such a kind-hearted, compassionate company such as this!!!

Dear Mike and Andrea,
I hope this email finds you well.
I’m very private and hate Google & gmail which is Google.
I was recommended Pet Passages by a very kind soul at my veterinary clinic which was Bayview in Webster, NY. I am so incredibly grateful to that person!
I have never known such a kind-hearted, compassionate company such as this!!! As I imagine most people are right now, I was and still am very much struggling financially, because of the situation at hand. My dearest love, my heart, the most beautiful and loving companion I have ever had in my life, his death was at hand, and so quickly it was approaching, as he could no longer even stand. I had made the decision a week ago, to keep him at home with me, I didn’t feel right at all, handing him off to strangers to die alone and without me, as are the new rules with the Covid fiasco. I was so very grateful as my vet gave me pain meds for my sweetest baby, my Belgium Malinois for his final hours. I only wish I had known about Pet Passages sooner, because they do offer for a wonderful and very experienced lady, who will perform euthanasia in your home, so you can be together in the final moments. This event was the most painful experience I have ever suffered and I am over 50. These incredible and compassionate people, made it much more bearable than any other company I looked into. They are all huge animal lovers themselves and have plenty of experiences in this kind of pain. This is why, if you read their story, that they are here helping so many like myself now, as this service is so greatly needed!!! I still feel that I’m at such a great loss for words to properly express my gratitude to this lovely couple, Andrea and Mike, and also to another member of their company named Kim, who came out to retrieve my Kaz. Whether on the phone or in person, these people take their time with you, as long as you need, they REALLY listen and really care so deeply for our loved ones and ourselves!!! I am forever grateful, and actually quite flabbergasted at their enormous generosity, patience and care!!! I would in future, help others in their time of need by passing on my knowledge of Pet Passages, and I hope it will be a long time in coming, but if I need this kind of help again, I will always return here!!!

The 3 of you, I wish you everything that is beautiful in life!!